July 31, 2003

The Coming Gay Season

It seems rather obvious now, after Bush's comments yesterday about gay marriage, that Rove feels Howard Dean is the most dangerous of the potential democratic candidates. If the Massachusetts SC rules in any similar fashion to the way SCOTUS did recently in Lawrence vs. Texas I'd say we are going to be in for a political season which in some fashion will resolve around us queers. What a change this is from my childhood when we were the invisible minority. The only time gays were mentioned when I was a child was when they were killed. (Or lame jokes about hairdressers) But now we are increasingly in the center of American life and a touchstone on the campaign for the next president.

I suspect that Bush's coming down on the side of a Constitutional Amendment in favor of second class citizenship status for queers will cause huge amounts of money to be raised among gays to bring down Bush. I can't help but wonder what this going to do to Andrew Sullivan and the Log Cabin Republicans. On a regular basis I approach them at Pride events. I wonder how many of them will be left by the time this all shakes out. I would have thought 1996 would have effectively ended LCR. But apparently Bush will have to draw blood before the extent of his party's scorn will have an effect on some of these people.

These are interesting times we live in, to be sure.

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