May 10, 2003

Why I Won't Talk You Through Your Orgasm

When you call and I pick up the phone if you make that little gasp and ask me "How do I put on a condom?" I'm not likely to be nice to you. I realize you just want to get off. I know it may be confusing because yes, while I do know an awful lot about condoms, I really don't want to walk you through your orgasm. Yes, yes, it's true I have a sexy voice. And even though you've never seen me I can assure you I am a hottie. In fact I have talked many of my friends and lovers through their orgasms but hey, I'm working here. I am not your own personal phone sex representative. I know, I know the customer comes first but you see I won't be coming after you. Nope. Not gonna happen.

I know you hear it in my voice after you announce your need for lessons. I know that you think you are doing something dangerous, daring, and completely in line with your own kink but I'm bored by the whole script. I know when you are going to cum. I hear it all. You are so concentrated on your cock and that stroke you got going on that you think I am clueless about the whole deal. I know the script little man and I assure you you are not pulling a fast one on me. The fast one is you. (I know from the gasp you make as I pick up the receiver exactly how many seconds it would take you to get off if I tried) I'll string you along as far as needed to get you real close, all the time pretending I don't know what is going on, and then when you are about to let loose with your love juice I'll hang up on your ass.

Call a phone sex line little man and pay for it. That's the new rule. It's the new rule same as the old rule. Now, can I get back to work. Thanks!

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