July 23, 2002

I have started a new

I have started a new blog at Salon. This will be essentially a meta safersex: an explanation of why I do what I do. I'm going to try and write a biography about how I've gotten to the point where I am a single parent, Directory of Internet Technology for Condomania, hobbiest at The Safer Sex Page, and survivor of domestic abuse.

I have said for quite a while, to myself, that when I had the strength I would put together all of the data I had in a record. I am confident that such a gathering of materials, my writings, emails, telephone numbers, identities of the officials involved, and other incidencieries related to those tragic events in 1997 when I set foot as a man instead of the boy I had been before that, will be nothing but an asset to me in my life. Their is the distinct possibility that I will grow as a result of going through this material and finally putting some perspective to the last 5 years of changes.

I'm going to reconstruct all my piles of paperwork from the courts, the social workers, my scribbled notes, remembrances at the time, the stuff I wrote about it in poems, emails, sessions with the therapists involved, the drugs I took, the sex I had, & the discoveries I've made, etc. etc. Intergenerational sexual abuse echoes in the decisions I made. Somewhere in this mess is the reason why I feel so compelled to "drop" sex ed knowledge & force full disclosure. Noone should have to ever deal with the kind of stuff that the women in my life have had to deal with.

So welcome!

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