Debate About Support Underwear

Hi, it’s Barbie with a somewhat silly post. A good friend of mine who is a member of our club (along with her husband) is bragging about her husband’s enhanced performance after wearing support underwear for a few weeks. At first, I didn’t even know what support underwear was, but it was explained to me that they are briefs with extra support almost akin to having a built-in jockstrap. Consequently, the package is more secure — so to speak. This sounded like a bunch of hogwash to me, and Tom (my husband) tended to agree. My friend, Terri, said that Tom was just biased because he prefers boxers — and she urged me to convince Tom to at least try it out. I was not surprised when Tom flatly refused and said he will never give up the comfort of his boxers while walking around all day wearing a glorified jockstrap. I’ve done a bit of research, and there appears to be nothing written on this subject. So I thought I’d come on here to ask if anyone has thoughts on this matter?

I’ve heard people say that a man’s choice of underwear can affect sperm count — but I don’t know if this is just an old wives’ tale. I have never heard of a correlation between underwear and sexual performance. I’d think if this was true, then all men long ago would have switched to support underwear. So I decided to conduct my own experiment. There are two men in our club who I have substantial “experience” with — and I would notice an improvement should one occur. Seeing Tom refuses to play along with my experiment, I am going to convince these two men to switch to support underwear — and then I will judge the impact during our next “party” in a few weeks. Isn’t science fun?! I’ll update everyone with the results of my experiment — bye for now.


Local STD Testing Is Just Minutes Away

Hi, it’s Barbie with another serious post.  I’ve previously stressed the importance of HIV AIDS testing, and I wanted to be sure to clarify that I believe that testing for various STD’s can be just as important as HIV AIDS testing.  A variety of STD’s including Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Herpes and Chlamydia are now on the rise.  This is partially due to the failure of many sexually active people to get regular STD testing.  Some falsely believe that there is no place near them to get a test, but you would be surprised at how many local STD testing facilities are around you no matter how small your town is.  Some STD’s can lead to other serious conditions — including cancer.  This makes it paramount that everyone with multiple partners get tested — regularly.  Recent studies have shown that many among us — especially young people — do not get tested.  In this arena, ignorance is not bliss.  Without reliable information about your STD status, you are unable to take the necessary precautions to avoid spreading the disease to others.

Local STD testing is both convenient and relatively painless.  Many are scared to find out their status and consequently put off getting tested.  This is not a wise strategy.  Some STD’s can be insidious and develop without symptoms.  By the time the disease emerges it can already have caused adverse effects and possibly lead to other conditions.  Catching and treating STD’s is important for your own health — and knowing your STD status is equally important for your partner’s health.  Searching online for local STD testing is very easy — if you haven’t had a recent STD test get one today for me — please?


More On Dating Service

Hey everyone, it’s Barbie again.  I recently posted about an opportunity I have to be a partner in a new online dating business.  I’ve had a chance to do some more research and wanted to share some of my findings.  Online dating services now appear to serve every group of daters — no matter how small.  There are dating services for seniors, for the disabled, those with STD’s or even those who love their iPods and Mac’s.  Additionally, dating services for swingers, the BDSM community and LGBT exist in droves.  So how does one differentiate themselves when trying to make a splash within this crowded universe of sites?  This appears to be a very tough question, and my friend Claire and I have spent quite a few hours over the past few days discussing this.  It seems there are a few key criteria when it comes to the success of online dating services.

Firstly, successful dating services have a large population of members which translates to a greater selection of partners. However, what comes first — the chicken or the egg?  If large membership is needed to be attractive, how does a dating service grow from start-up to vibrancy?  One solution is a large advertising campaign — but this requires significant capital.  Another solution is to make the site so useful and attractive that users will naturally come.  This is easier said than done.  Our initial research has determined that users of dating services seek sites which fulfill several important criteria.  First, as indicated, a wide selection of members is desired.  However, users become frustrated if these members are actually just fake profiles.  Some unscrupulous dating services create an abundance of fake profiles with attractive pictures in order to appear larger than they are.  There are actually sites now which verify the information of their members, and this idea intrigues Claire and me — and we are seeking to incorporate this methodology into our business plan.

Users of dating services crave simplicity and ease of use.  This partly explains the popularity of Craigslist for hooking up.  However, sites like Craigslist can often entail risk — in terms of less than truthful posters all the way to potential safety concerns.  A niche dating site as easy to use as Craigslist — but with screened members — serving a sex-positive community of couples — seems to be our current focus.  I’m about ready to approach Tom with our thoughts so wish me luck!