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Female Condoms Redesigned

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Only about 12 million female condoms are delivered each year in poor countries, compared with about 6 billion male condoms. Couples complained that the female version was awkward, unsightly, noisy and slippery — or, as Mitchell Warren, who was one of its earliest champions, now says, ‘the yuck factor was a problem.’ Many women tried it, but in the end, it was adopted mainly by prostitutes. Now scientists are trying again. A new design — much the same at one end, different at the other — has been developed, and its makers hope it will succeed where its predecessor failed.

Nitrosamine & Condoms

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In recent years reader's have asked about nitrosamine. In 2004 a German study raised some concern about nitrosamine in the latex used for condom manufacture.

Furthermore, 32 rubber condom samples collected in 2004 from the German market were surveyed for nitrosamines by determining the amount migrating into an artificial sweat test solution. The levels released from condoms varied from < 10 to 660 mug per kg material (i. e., up to 1.4 mug nitrosamines per condom). In a model calculation, not considering the differences that may exist in the resorption rate, we have calculated that the exposure from condoms may exceed the exposure from food 1.5-3 fold.

While nitrosamines can be found in a large variety of foods (mainly fried foods) it is not known exactly how they may be involved in cancer. Studies have suggested that increased amounts of nitrosamine in fried foods may be an indicator for stomach cancer. There is no legal regime that I am aware of which regulates nitrosamine. Studies are ongoing concerning risks involved in nitrosamines.

This may not be much help to you if you have been privy to gossip that somehow condoms can cause cancer. Suffice it to say that from my perspective, admittedly non-scientific, there are questions to be answered about nitrosamine and considering that noone (I hope) eats and digests condoms it is safe to say that getting stomach cancer from using condoms is not a danger. I look forward to the results of further studies but can say with complete confidence I continue to use condoms on a regular basis with no concern at all that I will get cancer from that use.

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