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A House committee has voted to renew a sexual abstinence program after turning back a Democratic attempt to let states decide whether to include discussion of birth control methods.

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A 12-year-old boy from Nigeria turned himself in to New York authorities early Thursday morning after becoming sick from swallowing 87 condoms of heroin.


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Foreskin, cervical cancer possibly linked

The study in Thursday's New England Journal of Medicine found that men with intact foreskins were three times more likely than circumcised men to be infected with the human papillomavirus. That, in turn, may increase the risk of passing the virus on to their sex partners. --------

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Battling HIV/Aids With African Values

Okwuosa says his organisation believes that nothing, except a return to the very natural values for which Africans are known will eradicate these diseases. He claims that those who clamour for the use of condoms have various vested interests which are mostly economic. For every Nigerian, individual or organisation promoting the use of condoms, the PHD alleges a desire to just distribute condoms and make money at the expense of the people, while they continue to make us believe that this was a fool - proof to contacting STDs. For some of these organisations, the group identifies the provision of funds by foreign agencies as motive. They allege that developed countries are stiff- scared of the population of Africa, since the power of nations reside in their population. The aim of the advanced countries who promote condoms, they say, is essentially curtailing the growth of population in Africa. --------

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Gay Syphilis Surge Fans HIV Fears

Outbreaks of syphilis among gay men in large urban areas, particularly in California, are threatening to reverse progress toward eliminating the disease in the United States. --------

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GlaxoSmithKline pulls ads claiming swimmers can catch hepatitis A

Adverts are being withdrawn in New Zealand which say people could catch hepatitis A from water potentially contaminated with condoms and urine. --------

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