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Why Geeks and Sex Don't

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Why Geeks and Sex Don't Mix - Mike Perry

    It was brought to my attention several years ago that this integral actually comes out to be greater than zero if the limit a is some odd imaginary multiple of Pi. (Technically the real part of the result is greater than zero for all a such that i*k*Pi/2 > a > 3i*k*Pi/2 for any odd integer k). So it may be that imaginary Sex is, in some cases, actually greater than fun. Especially if it involves some odd number of real pies. There are also those who would try to argue that it may be that real Sex can be greater than fun if it involves an odd number of imaginary pies. These people are clearly fools, because they are neglecting the fact that the limits themselves are imaginary as soon as you bring imaginary pies into the mix. In fact, it's probably best if you leave imaginary pi out of Sex altogether. After all, real homemade pi is better than imaginary pi any day of the week.

Sex Tips for Geeks - Eric Raymond

No Sex Please, We're Geeks - Paulina Borsook

Brenda's Dating Advice for Geeks - Brenda

The Code of the Geeks v1.0.1 - Perl

I went to a party

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I went to a party last night at the barfly for the launch of both a condom and a magazine because of the imagination and drive of Gene Simmons.

At the party I managed to meet Nikki Sixx. His wife Donna D'erico is such an enchanting beauty. I don't think I've ever met anyone so ravishing. I told Nikki that I had the second pressing of their first album and asked if that Leathur mix of the album Too Fast For Love was available on CD. He said that it wasn't. I told him I thought that mix just beat the shit out of Kenny Batiste's enforced remix for Elektra. Nikki said that yea he agreed. He said "maybe we'll put it in the box set" and that "it was a good idea". Nikki was very nice guy. He had a good strong handshake and he was very engaged.

Dear Colleagues

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On August 4th, 2000 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta distributed a letter, concerning the spermicide nonoxynol-9, to "colleagues" from Helene Gayle at the National Center for HIV, STD, & TB Prevention.

Based on this story Brazil

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Based on this story Brazil appears to be taking very seriously the issue of condom usage. At this point in 2002 it seems highly unlikely we'll see such a blunt and clear eyed campaign dealing with homosexual sex and condom usage within the United States during prime time broadcasts.

In Brazil a condom manufacturer named Prudence has come out with a special printing of condoms in the yellow and green colors of the Brazilian team at the World Cup.

In the early 90's the

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In the early 90's the musician Prince, in conjunction with Sony, came out with Prince condoms packaged in a purple miniature CD case. In the mid 90's Martin Scheiber's images of Madonna were introduced to the face of condom foils. These condoms, originally released in Japan and Europe, were such a hit that they eventually came to the United States.

Upon arrival on US shores the Madonna Condoms caused a bit of a tiff. It would have made sense for Madonna to want to use her notariety for sexual health awareness but apparently not in this situation. I first became aware of her emphasis on this issue when I bought Like A Prayer.

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