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DayLink Thursday, June 20, 2002

hello world

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DayLink Wednesday, June 19, 2002

The Censorware Project on Mainstream Loudon v. Board of Trustees of the Loudon County Library - Protecting Judges Against Liza Minnelli

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DayLink Monday, June 17, 2002

NY Times: Battle Over Access to Online Books. Now, new technologies are igniting a similar battle closer to home. Librarians have seized on the potential of digital technology and offered users free online access to the contents of books from their homes, and they are squaring off with publishers who fear that free remote access costs them book sales. [Tomalak's Realm]

This type of development coupled with government coercion like CIPA will get us in the not too distant future a dearth of trust based information on sex and sexuality over the internet. One of my plans for future versions of this site is a way to search local card catalogs for books The Safer Sex Page recommends. I figure if in a future version I allow the user to sign in then I should be able to make calls to various card catalogs based on zip code. It would be pretty nifty I think to have a reference to an article and then be able to check it out or check on its local status. If this was linked deeply enough in conjuction with a commerce engine like Amazon it would make a great platform for research about safer sex issues.

11:07:48 PM    

Dave Winer, a guy who I have read and learned from for 11 years now has evidently become ill. Dave has been a cornerstone of my internet education since what seems like yesterday but has actually been far longer than I usually notice. Dave's software and ideas about content management, along with others, have been instrumental in revitalizing this site and seems to verbalize so much of what I have been grappling with since I first started to work in this sphere.

Best wishes for a quick recovery Dave!!!

12:32:24 PM    

DayLink Sunday, June 16, 2002

Durex has released a 49mm snugger fitting condom in the UK. This article says this condom is thinner than others currently available. I'm not sure if that is the case in the UK but in the United States you can buy the LifeStyle's Exotica which has the same dimensions. What's really needed is a size smaller than that, perhaps 47mm or 45mm. At what point does the need to give the big guys and the small guys a chance outweigh the condom manufacturers need to cover their nut when deciding how to size their condoms?

Or perhaps a better question is what's the right business model to make a profit and to make condoms to fit all sizes of guys?

11:46:45 PM    

Condoms with spermicidal lubricant may increase the risk of urinary tract infection for women.

10:53:52 PM    

Paulo Teixeira, the Brazilian health coordinator for AIDS, has written to the Big Brother house urging them to use condoms.

He wrote: "Why are you not using the condom? You are being watched by millions; you should set a good example and also take care of yourselves."

10:45:57 PM    

Interestingly enough in Teaching America About Sex: Marriages Guides and Sex Manuals from the Late Victorians to Dr. Ruth the index contains no references to either prophylactics or condoms. Pretty strange considering the subject matter. After I finish reading this I should contact the authors; Michael E. Melody & Linda M. Peterson to ask them why.

1:41:50 PM    

DayLink Friday, June 14, 2002
Rubber & Religion

In September 1984 in Mexico City the First International Symposium and Exhibition of the Rubber Industry was held. There was a poster celebrating the event which was created. No doubt this poster hung on the streets where all the cool kids lounged. Under the image it said:
    A solar god, possibly Tonatiuh or maybe Xiuhtecuhtli offering rubber, while on the high alter a rubber ball is burning.

As early as the sixth century the indigenous in South and Central America used rubber as part of religious ceremonies.

see Rubber Technology

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