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Turkey rescinds law that allowed schools to conduct virginity tests on students

Turkey has rescinded a controversial law that authorized virginity tests for high school girls suspected of having premarital sex.

Forced gynecological examinations in schools were common until 1999, when five students who did not want to submit to the test attempted suicide by taking rat poison.


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So for those of you who are wondering the site has been a mess since the night before Christmas 2001. Our host went bankrupt and shut down taking all the current builds with it. It took me a while to find a new host and to begin bringing everything back up again. Of course as soon as I began that process in January 2002 I had a hard drive failure which caused innumerable problems, delays, and headaches for all involved.

I am finally starting to get all the pieces stitched back together. Stay tuned and hopefully all will be well again soon.


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ScrewDriver writes: Filchy, Can you imagine ? SCOTLAND: AGE MATTERS, TOO Scientists working the ancient rocks of Scotland have discovered fossils of the oldest known genitals, belonging to a 400-million-year-old ancestor of the daddy long legs. The arachnids were of an order called harvestmen, and long legs were not their only outstanding feature. Preserved within the male fossil was a penis two-thirds the length of its body, which New Scientist magazine said was similar to those of modern-day harvestmen. The previous oldest penis, which dated back 100 million years and was found in Brazil, belonged to an ostracod, a minute crustacean. Something to think about, and wish for there go I! Regards SD ~<>~

Alexander Inglis writes: Christopher, hun! This is *just* a shameless plug for my blog ... and now I *have* added you, too. Big hugs! Alexander SensualPoet In Toronto

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