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What's a website author to do?

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Chris Filkins is the editor of the website, an "online journal of safe sexuality" offering health tips and resources that boasts 70,000 hits per month. Despite the fact that the site "is featured as the best of the Net' in too many publications to mention" and personal testimony of the site's effectiveness is rife, Filkins contends that is a victim of blocking programs that cannot distinguish between his content and that of straight-up porn sites. "Not only does the Internet afford the user this type of information, but it also allows access to minority communities which convene and organize themselves online."

U.S. Teen Pregnancy Rate (1997)

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U.S. teen pregnancy rate hit record low in 1997"The fact that fewer teens are becoming pregnant is encouraging news," said Dr. Jeffrey P. Koplan, CDC director. "Few teens are ready for the challenges of parenthood. When they delay this responsibility it enables them to gain the education and maturity they need to be good parents and good citizens."

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A Texas judge with a history of issuing unconventional punishments has struck again, this time sentencing a probationer to celibacy. --------

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Like many girls who enter puberty earlier than most, Kathy Pitts was confused and scared when she got her period at 9. "My mother never mentioned the changes that go along with puberty -- maybe she thought I was too young," says Pitts, now 35 and the mother of a 9-year-old son and a 2-year-old daughter in Bellevue, Washington. "It would have really helped if my mom had talked to me about what to expect." --------

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lissa writes: Look I really do not agree with this site. You have no right to put people down like that. It really is not what you are doing. They ask for your advice so you give it to them in a nice friendly way, not by putting them down. Anyway just thought you would like to know. P.S. are you male or female and I love sex I also love threesomes if you are interested. love lissa

ScrewDriver writes: Filchy, Can you imagine ? SCOTLAND: AGE MATTERS, TOO Scientists working the ancient rocks of Scotland have discovered fossils of the oldest known genitals, belonging to a 400-million-year-old ancestor of the daddy long legs. The arachnids were of an order called harvestmen, and long legs were not their only outstanding feature. Preserved within the male fossil was a penis two-thirds the length of its body, which New Scientist magazine said was similar to those of modern-day harvestmen. The previous oldest penis, which dated back 100 million years and was found in Brazil, belonged to an ostracod, a minute crustacean. Something to think about, and wish for there go I! Regards SD ~<>~

Alexander Inglis writes: Christopher, hun! This is *just* a shameless plug for my blog ... and now I *have* added you, too. Big hugs! Alexander SensualPoet In Toronto

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