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The Unfortunate Bonnie Kaye, M.Ed.

is an out gay man living in Toronto, Canada. He has been blessed to know and love men and women with extraordinary attributes. The past two years he has been on a personal journey to find his birth family. That story, "A Journey In Faith And Time", is available here.

We have been discussing the unfortunate Bonnie Kaye, M.Ed., who has counselled over 6000 women since starting her campaign against married men who are gay/bi. She charges US$75/hr for her venom, plus long distance phone fees, or she will chat with you online (she uses, not if anyone was curious). Since she began her practice 17 years ago she has apparently made in excess of $450,000.00 through the vehicle of this counseling.

She is the author of a terribly vicious book and resells software tools to help suspicious wives spy on their potentially gay husbands. Bonnie is one of those who does not believe in "bi".

She is, as the phrase has it, "a piece of work".

She is not, however, a full-time counsellor. I find that interesting as, assuming a Monday-Friday practice since the late 80s, she would have to have TWO new clients a day to reach 6000 already.

Her day job is as a "school administrator." She is listed as the "Director" of admissions and can be reached directly on the job at:

    Orleans Technical Institute (Building Trades)
    1330 Rhawn Street, Northeast Philadelphia 19111
    Bonnie Kaye | 215-728-4700 (Phone), 215-745-1689 (Fax)
    Her direct business line is 215-728-4712. is her work e-mail.

Orleans Technical Institute (OTI) is a program of the Jewish Employment and Vocational Service. The Board of Directors.

It appears she took her masters degree at Antioch University in New England; she says she graduated in 1986. She refers to her degree in "Counselling." Here is the (three day intensive) course the university actually teaches.

Of course her regular e-mail, as advertised on (don't you wish that URL could be snatched from her?), is

She still has her AOL home page.

Her counselling address and phone is

No one has been able to tell me if she is as cracked as the Liberty Bell but if I do find out I will post same.

She is also busy hosting a Sunday Chat on Talkcity on behalf of Chronic Granulomatous Disease (CGD).

Apparently she also once liked to review movies such as "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" and "Philadelphia".

You may wish to read what others have written about her book "Is He Straight : A Checklist for Women Who Wonder"

You can also read the first chapter of her book if you like. She relates, in part,

    "My personal life had changed dramatically for the better that year. Nine months earlier, I ended a three-year marriage to my first husband, Brad, who suffered from severe depression and anxiety. It was difficult living with a man who was mentally deteriorating week by week in spite of forced psychotherapy (at my insistence) and the daily doses of anti-depressants."

It's hard not to think Brad was fine before he met Bonnie. Michael, the second (and later gay) husband wasn't so lucky. They met in June, 1978 and he left in September, 1982. In four years they managed to court, marry, and have at least one child, Jason, born June 7, 1982. Poor kid. He's 20 now. He is the one suffering from CGD.

Was there life before Michael and Brad?

Well, yes. It seems she also had a relationship with Richard Cohen, whose recent book "Coming Out Straight: Understanding and Healing Homosexuality" has a forward by none other than Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Cohen is also a former leader of Reverend Moon's Unification Church. From a press release:

    "Kaye had written about her past personal relationship with Cohen, which began in high school and ended when the leaders of the Moonies refused to allow her to see him anymore for fear of influencing him to leave the movement. She had not had contact with Cohen since 1978, but viewed him on a 20/20 segment in the early 1990ís when he appeared with his Korean wife discussing how gays can become straight through therapy."

Richard Cohen ALSO got his degrees from Antioch University. There is more to HIS gory story.

She also founded Spouses of Gays Association and her current website has a kit on how you can start you own local chapter.

Alan and Steve are gay fathers with a wonderful website and a glowing tribute to Straight Spouse Network and Amity Pierce Buxton. There is also this warning about S.O.G.A.:

    "When my son was a minor (through the '80's) there were two Wives' Support Groups that arose. One started in California by the wife of Gay Activist, Laud Humphries. She developed a very supportive called W.I.G. (Women Involved with Gays) and the other was highly independent (to the point of being antagonistic) to gays called S.O.G.A (Spouses Of Gays Association). S.O.G.A. was an in-your-face group that tried to "out" married men in gay bars for the benefit of their unsuspecting wives. I suggested that they change their name to V.O.G.A (VICTIMS Of Gays Association). My observation was that S.O.G.A. was started by the ex-wife of a man who was closeted about his gayness and this contributed to the ex-wife's attitudes and it also influenced S.O.G.A. in a different direction than W.I.G."

BTW, still reading? Her real name is Bonnie Kassof

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