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Directory of members

There are currently over 300 members in BMMA. The following members are listed here only at their request. We respect your confidentiality! But remember this is a public space.
Name Email Age Location Marital Status Out to Wife Homepage Interests/Comments

Shadowchaser 56 Silverdale, WA Married Not Out .
Backpacking, Camping, hiking, geneological research. Bonsai culture
Grae 52 Columbus. OH Married Out to wife Graebeard Sharing our experiences makes the wild ride we're on all the more interesting...and bearable.
Jim 56 Cincinnati, OH Married Not out . Music, movies, home theater and outdoor activities. I hope to find other guys in similar situations
Eric 52 Bellingham, WA Married Not out to wife . Like to ski, play raquettball, cook and play fiddle music
Dennis 53 Long Beach, CA Married Told wife about being bi on our second date . Walking on the beach, biking, people; retired HS principal (learning disabled, grades 7-12)
Gus (young)62 Chicago burb Married Out to wife . Always interested in meeting others in similar situations and inclinations
Static Ice
25 Raleigh, NC Married Out to wife . .
David Murdock 48 Austin, TX Married 21+ years Out David In Austin Gay issues; Love to chat with other guys who are in the same boat. ICQ# 35548857
Steve 42 Atlant Married Out to spouse & kids . Feel free to email me!
Jack 59 Santa Rosa, N.California Widowed No thank God . I am starting to explore my gay side that I have kept bottled up a long time.
Mark 33 Sothern Oregon Married No . .
Lane 46 Deming, NM Married Yes . .
Rob/VA Rob 55 Northern Va. BiMM No . Reading, travel, golf, fishing
Harold 56 Carlsbad, CA Married 34 yrs since May of '95 . I'm on SSML, HOW, HUGS and Gay Dads mailing lists. Most pf my "passions" (besides sex, that is) lie in the field of the arts
Ron W 52 California Married No . Games, Computers, Music, Reading, Video movies, Digital camera & other electronic gadgets!
Cal Wolf 45 Carbondale, IL getting a divorce No. Right now surviving divorce
Carl in NC 40 Charlotte, NC Married Yes Carl in NC .
"Male Man"
. Houston, Texas Married No . teacher
Roy Wilson
Papa- Bear
57 Lubbock, TX Married Yes . Music, art, architecture, sexual psychology, reading
Peter Stein
63 Weaverville
North Carolina
Married No . Writer--always looking for good dinner company!
Richard Rockwell 43 Upstate South Carolina Married No . Very discreet, open to conversation if nothing else; enjoy outdoors, sports, as well as indoors, classic movies, books, and just having fun
Shadow Chaser 56 Seattle Area, Washington Married No . Backpacking, camping, genealogy, bonsai, SciFi, Action, books and videos, curious about everything...........Oh, yah! I like men too...every inch of them (PI)!!!!

45 western suburbs
of Chicago, IL
no children
No . Music, Theater, swimming, Cubs Baseball Reading fiction. I have embraced my sexuality after I turned 40. Its had an impact on me in ways I never anticipated. Always interesting in talking via email and chat.
Arnie 40 Omaha, NE Married Since 1993 . .
Dick. That, while being a nick-name is the name I go by though I was born Richard F. 71 Southern NJ Married 32 years, 2 sons, grown and left the nest. Yes, but not to children or any other family member. No I know I have become a lurker. It's because I have nothing to add to the very fine replies posted.
Mike 51 Northeast
Married yes None Water skiing, canoeing, hiking, camping, writing
52 Saratoga,
New York
Married Yes
Family, partners, reading, music (all types), puzzles, and my work.
Jim 66 Watertown,
(Boston burb)
married 17 ys.(2nd marr.) yes . retired musician
Jose P. 37 Cincinnati Ohio Married Yes . .
Paul (Ottersub) 48 as of Sept 1999 Lawrence, KS. Married Yes www.geocities
Biology, poetry, gardening. Sexually a bottom interested in bdsm
Peter Mark 53 Baltimore, MD Happily Married No briefencounters.fetish.web1000.com Gardening, opera, swimming, Friendly guys in their underwear. Active in DCMMC
Ron J 41 Chicago Suburbs Married Yes . .
John . Florida bi mm not out . .
Brian WyoCal WyoCal@
57 CA Married Not out n/a compassion for my fellow males, hiking, camping, photography, watching my child grow up
Thom, Zodya (Tennessee's Pride) Zodya
52 Middle Tennessee M Yes None Reading, Golf, Family & Friends, History
Stew Dadstew
53 Williston Vermont married not out to wife no home page hiking, camping, gardening, reading and "playing"
chuck prince buddy43610
43 Nashville, TN (Vanderbilt Univ Area) married (12 years) not out to spouse, family or friends one of these days i'll quit chatting long enough to figure out how to make a homepage. homemaker, 3 sons 11,8,7 yo, aol chat, baseball, Nashville Predators (NHL), Tennessee Titans (NFL), Vanderbilt sports, nudist resorts (aanr), being nude in hammock/pool/yard, gardening/yardwork, bimm.
keef roberts aargh@
32 NYC Divorce final on Aug. 16th, 1999. out no desire to have a homepage gay musician, discovered that my other half is a man during the course of my marriage.
Steve K WithaRose7
46 Ossining, New York married yes don't have hiking, camping, playing music, Deadhead
Larry/Seeker EyePicYou
40s On TOP of Alabama. (It's a LONG state -- nearly 400 miles from top to bottom.) Married Yes No home page I am average looking with some other above average attributes...Hey! I MEANT personality!(G)
Rick Logsdon anger25@
42 Just moved to San Francisco Legally separated /partnered to a wonderful guy (Jurg2...he's on the list, too!) Out to spouse for many years none at this time Tennis, snow skiing, singing gospel music. I'd love to talk to other men who are contemplating coming out, especially if they are struggling with their faith. I think I can help.
VA Rob
55 Northern Virginia BiMM No . Reading, travel, golf, fishing
KenB vaforfun
65 Va. Beach, VA widower I wasn't None Computers, gardening, local historical sites, and my new digital camera :)
Bill tklwrite
33 Bloomington, IL Married Out to wife None Bisexual, monogamous since coming out, looking for intimate friendships first
Ric RCStr@
or ASunBear@
50 Louisville,Ky Married yes No New Warriors, NLP, ACIM, swimming, classic movies
Bob bluebird5438
55 Richmond, VA Married NO none Mountain hiking, nature photography, gardening watercolor painting, community service projects
Steve twowayathome
42 Atlanta Married Out to spouse and kids N/A Feel free to e-mail me!
Robert Anderson


58 Winston-Salem, NC Separated/Divorce pending (January) Yes N/A Music, theatre, hiking, golf, scuba diving and KIM! ( my new partner!) Coming out was a painful experience for me and my wife. As an MD I am apprehensive about it's effect on my practice. So far there has been only a few negative repercussions. I am happy to chat with anyone dealing with the same issues. The freedom to finally be ME is exhilarating.
Steve openseat
54 VA Married Yes to spouse, No to family, most friends None Reading, golf and being with my special married buddy.
Jay jayfay@
45 Fort Lauderdale FL . Not out to wife . Computing and drowling over bears
Tim ("TJ") Hook
prefer " TJ "
55 North Georgia Mountains Married Yes . fishing, cooking & of course sex
Guy hanz@
46 Central Indiana married no . bicycling, rollerblading, flying, scuba
John G. Shugart JGShugart
72 New Orleans, LA and West Point, MS Married but getting a divorce Yes . Macintosh computer consultant. Geophysical (Seismograph) Exploration for Oil.
Robert Knight, aka Pornobuddy, versitilebuddy rknight99@
33 Redmond Washington Married yes no home page Outdoor sports-hiking, biking, snow skiig, water skiing, scuba.
Mattt matttmattt
48 newport, ri married no . snorkel, water sports (not that kind!), sun, travel, gl men (ooops) teach bibliographic/library database language/development
Vincent (aka Gryph) gryphon_vc
45 y/o Southern Maine - Portland area Married NOT out to wife, only to a select few friends No homepage yet, but sometime early in 2000 Interests? Reading, music, kayaking, good conversation
Name: Steve stmark66@
33 SE Wisconsin married Nope (and won't be if I want to keep her) . Interests: reading, working out, movies, being the best dad I can be, finding a muscular guy to realize some fantasies
Jay or Jack jd57@hotmail 64 Texas Married Yes NA Human rights issues, movies, books, music, my work. I enjoy good and open discussions of 'most any subject.
Cal TmpaBayDad
49 Clearwater, FL married out Wish I had one! I love you guys!
Andre' age_57@
58 Nwport News, VA Married No . Woodworking, Crafts, SiFi, Reading
40 HI (Hawaii), Honolulu, Oahu married yes . Mahalo!
John Mills

Shreveport, LA divorced Oh yes!!!!And divorced as a result of it. (Oh well.) Guess you could say I'm formerly married and currently happy (and gay!) I am a gay father with a 17 y.o. son who wants NOTHING to do with his "gay" dad.

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