December 12, 2003

I Don't Write About God

Everyone is an athiest. If you worship a false God you are athiestic. Those who take their worship seriously & honestly believe they worship a true God, the God. Everyone cannot worship the true God & deny that of others. All of us worship false Gods. We are all athiests. Some are in denial of this.

A poet once said "a word once spoken is a lie." Only actions tell truths.

The problem with all these Gods, and their followers endlessly preening at each other, is that each of them insist upon using words to tell others the word. We speak these words, these words, and when we speak words, about God, we lie. We make God fit our needs for the moment. We blaspheme the Lord in the name of convenience and politcal gian. We kill in his name. We confuse the money changers with the temple. We become idolators.

It's gratifying to read that some Christians see George Bush, & the Republican party, and the Democratic party, in the stark moral sense that I do. In that sense Nader's critique was spot on. I can recite the moral failings of the Democratic party till the rooster crows but the Democrats are out of power and have been so for a while now. The Republican party is the source of so much immorality right now precisely because of how powerful they are. Both parties are utterly corrupt. But the immediate enemy is George Bush.

The fellows at Polemics and I would no doubt disgree about much, considering I'm a secular humanist, but we can agree that George Bush is an immoral man.

I was very struck by a remark I read at Polemics, lost it sorry for the lack of link, about comparing Earth Firsters with Puritans. And it really struck a cord with me as I am one of those eco-fascists that the right is always so quick to demonize. I consider myself a Puritan about many things politically and see the machinations of both political parties, particularly the Republicans, as being obscenely liberal and cheap. It just strikes me as the most obscene question that we should even have to ask ourselves whether all of us should have health care, or a home to live in, or the food to keep us healthy, or schools for our kids.

When a society cannot even provide for the smallest among us how can we even presume to squander God's bounty on questions of who can marry whom? What kind of a man is Rick Santorum that he feels the need to lie by declaring before that world that he is a Christian. He is no Christian. George Bush is no Christian. These men are convenience artists. They shuck and jive the religion moan to all takers and then sneer when they taunt. The sheer arrogance of these men. A rich man who walks in the path of God does not squander his blessing in avarice, arrogance, & evil.

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"Convenience artists." Excellent. That really sums it up in two words.

Posted by: UncleBob at December 13, 2003 04:25 AM

Preach it brother!

Posted by: Kate at December 13, 2003 06:55 AM

excellent post!

Posted by: Timi at December 13, 2003 12:04 PM

It IS astonishing that we should even have to ask whether all of us should have health care, food, etc. I volunteer at a food bank and let me tell you, it is the easiest thing in the world to put food in the hands of hungry people. It is the simplest transaction you can imagine. We just need enough food and money to keep the freezers operating and the lights on. Great post.

Posted by: Amy Stewart at December 13, 2003 04:33 PM

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