December 02, 2003


The night before last I transferred a bit of my former infrastructure into my TypePad site in order to evaluate how well I could merge the two systems. Now my projected bandwidth usage for the month stands at north of 35gb. Since the TypePad system only allows for 5gb of bandwidth it just doesn't make sense for me to stick with TypePad. I am going to have to finally unite all my projects within Movable Type. This has put a big kink in plans for the month of December.

For the sake of straight records: in the past 4 years I have migrated this site from my own home rolled publishing solution > Blogger > Blogger Pro > Radio > Salon Radio > TypePad > & now onto Movable Type. Fortunately I have been doing extensive background work on a couple of installations of MT over the last couple of months.

Oh bother. That's all I can say. I think postings are going to be down quite a bit for the month of December.

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One thing to note is that bandwidth projections are based off of usage in the current month, so they're always going to be a bit skewed at the beginning of the month, because there are less days to base the projection on. I think your projection will probably go down fairly quickly.

And note that this all may be somewhat moot, because we're not currently charging for bandwidth overusage and are using this period to evaluate usage and adjust the limits accordingly. We do not plan to start charging for overusage until we have an option in place to purchase a larger monthly quota for a lower price.

Hope this helps.

Posted by: Ben at December 3, 2003 12:28 AM

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