November 23, 2003

Alcoholics Anonymous

In AA they have a saying "all it takes to start a new meeting is resentment and a pot of coffee". While I have a measured amount of resentment and a modicum of coffee to share I'll drink you under the table. That is what this weblog is about: drinking you under the table and screwing with your head. One shouldn't be disuaded from believing in the virtues of "taking it to the man" or starting a meeting. If you want to know why I write, now you know. But don't ever believe I believe any of this. I don't. Someday I may become a proficient writer. Someday I may finish the building out of this site. (I have only completed about 1/3 of what will be in place before I truly begin writing here.) But until then write this down: I have the coffee and the resentment ready to start the meeting.

It's interesting how with their sudden embrace of South Park Republicans are trying to frame all dissent of the status quo as anti-liberal. In reality "South Park Republicans" and everyone else, certainly the vast majority, are not anti-liberal but anti-establishment. There is a big difference. Brian Anderson or Andrew Sullivan might find it lucrative to sell their wares of anti-liberalism but they are simply deluding themselves by believing that there is content to these messages.

Trey Parker may be a hero to some and he may be a squib to others but at the end of the day he is practicing a long worn American garment of tweaking the powers that be. Whether those powers are Dick Nixon or Rosie O'Donnell it is the tweaking that counts and not the nature of the message being tweaked.

You see, and I shouldn't have to say this again so please pay attention, the emperor has no clothes. No matter how often Andrew Sullivan wants to claim himself the tailor.

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Keep coming back.

Posted by: Marijo at November 23, 2003 11:53 AM


What the bloggity-blog is a "TrackBack", and please don't tell me it's similar to a "permalink", which sounds like some kind of anti-freeze for a carburator.


Posted by: eblack101 at November 25, 2003 03:51 PM

Try this.

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