November 21, 2003

The Bleating

Why do pro-democracy Iraqi bloggers hate America?

James you smug twit. You seem to have lost your way. Remember this war was to save the west from Saddam's weapons of mass destruction. Get off your pen (I know it feels good up there.) and quit the bullshit sanctimonious attitude. We did not go to Iraq to save Salam Pax and his brethern. Focus dude. Focus.

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I tell you every time you turn around there is a new reason that we went to war with Iraq. From WMD's to Terrorism to Liberating the Iraqis from there living hell. When are they going to get around to Oil, War Profiteering, creating FUD for political gain? What the hell was the doctrine of "Pre-emptive Self Defense" it certainly didn't have "save the Iraqis" as a central theme it was "Shock and Awe"as I remember it.

WMD's "We know where they are." shb "We know they don't have any."

"Saddam will not cooperate." shb "We won't give him a chance. It was too late once we made up our minds to go to war in 2001."

Terrorism "Al Queda had a training camp in Iraq" maybe so however that training camp was located in the Alliance/Kurdish controlled region of Iraq known as the Northern No-Fly Zone. If we had seen the training camp as a threat why didn't we take it out when we first learned of it? Could it be if you let the terrorists gather in one place it is easier to keep tabs on them not to mention round them all up how many terrorists did we capture/kill at that camp anyway? oh that many (0). Or how about the base was abandoned 98% of the time. Or there really wasn't a terrorist training camp it was more like a desert hangout for cross border bandits/smugglers sort of like Butch Cassidy's Hole in the Wall.

Liberating Iraqis from Saddams mass murders... OK where was our outrage during the Shiite uprising in 1991? How about Kurds in 1988 and again 1991. Where was our rush to liberate the oppressed peoples of Iraq who asked for out help begged us to stop the reprisal slaughter... We stopped Saddam from using his Air Force in 1991. Didn't keep him from going door to door or draining the marsh lands of the south.

Yeah that was why we went to Iraq to free the Kuwaiti Oil Fields! Oops make that Iraqi Oil Fields (they all look alike with the Texas Oil Inc. stickers and everything).

Posted by: Philip at November 21, 2003 11:55 AM

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