November 18, 2003


Congresswoman Barbara Lee Representing the Ninth District of California had the temerity to vote against all of her colleagues in the Congress when it came to the Iraq war. For this she won the 2002 Wayne Morris Integrity in Government Award. The 1988 winner of this award was Lowell P. Weicker Jr., a former Republican Connecticut Senator who has endorsed Howard dean for President. Wayne L. Morris voted against the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution.
Josh Marshall points out that the appallingly misinformed and rascist screed against George Soros published at GOPUSA has been yanked. I wonder, did the talking points get released early? Or did the author just put more uuumph into his piece than the powers that be could accept?

Apparently the piece is published, as well, on that bastion of conservative thought 'BREAKING ALL THE RULES'. Among the author's many wonderful epistles to conservative wisdom is the simply hilarious piece 'New World Order vs. America' in which the author shows his ignorance of the pedigree of the New World Order.

James Hall is really a piece of work. His thoughts are so incoherent, self contradictory, and just plain stupid I have to wonder if he's a child prodigy.

What is his environment like? Does he live at home with his parents? Can he see his penis when he's naked and he looks down? Does he have acne? Has his heart been broken? Is he bitter and staring out a large glass window in the top of a skyscraper in some American city? Is his tie too tight? Does he want to jump, does he fantasize that he's a martyr, a victim? Is he asking someone for their order even as I type these words? Is he seeing a therapist?

I know he's an idolator. Those Christians with their idolatry. (See how I pretend I'm superior.-)

Especially sweet is the technically proficient animated gif flashing "America held hostage" "by the New World Order." Is America capable of taking itself hostage? Are we all Patty Hearst now?

Here's the opening quote where the author lays out his cogent argument:

No longer can the critics of the NWO be called kooks, believing in a weird conspiracy. That kind of dismissal will not fly. The press abounds with admissions from well known politicians, captains of finance, movers and shakers of all kinds. The need for silence about reality does not exist. The plan succeeded. The New World Order rules.

Those are the facts, even if you want to deny them. Debate is over, proof of design is evident in official policy. The notion of decree from the top, filtering down to the bottom is indisputable. Illusions are not needed any longer because the means of control for society have been achieved. The Mattoids have known and developed this scheme for scores of decades. Only the captive, bound in velvet chains would deny their place in prison.

The facts? Indeed. How could one argue with such logic?

So anyway back to the screed against Soros being pulled. GOPUSA is a corporation devoted to conservative news, information, and design. CEO Bobby Eberle is a very very serious Republican. Bobby is also apparently quite a talented writer. Here's a piece he wrote about the disarray among Democrats after George Bush's heroic speech on the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln back in May of 2003. Here's my favorite quote:

If these Democrats knew anything about politics, they would let this story go. Every time a Democrat complains about Bush's speech, the footage of his carrier landing and "Top Gun" demeanor are replayed for an audience who already loved it the first time.

Obviously the Democrats know nothing about poltics as they are still harping on that whole heroic George Bush on the aircraft carrier story. Fortunately the President, bless his little heart, is still getting a free ride from the press.

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Sadly, you would think if the Democrats really *did* know anything about politics they would've quit knuckling under to Tom DeLay and Karl Rove a long time ago instead of pretending to be gung-ho about Iraq a year ago and pretending to have never liked it at all now.

Bush Jr. has screwed up on so many levels that, you would think, the only way his party could actually increase its control of Congress would be that if his party's opponents are all either retarded or still trying to apply the Bill Clinton Election Strategy of the 20th Century to the next campaign.

Oh, wait, the Democratic National Committee is still being run by Terry McAuliffe. 'Nuff said.

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