November 02, 2003

Flat Tax Ali & Vietnam

In an astounding turn of events it has been revealed why the United States has invaded and occupied Iraq: the flat tax! All of us out here in the hinterlands not ordinarily privy to the inner workings of Washington have long wondered why the US would so nakedly go against its own best interests and take on what is sure to be a decades long occupation of the cradle of civilization (all apologies to Egypt). Now we know.

While those of you who know me may realize I have long been an advocate of a flat tax. I'd like to see something like a nationwide V.A.T. accompanied by a very small flat income tax across the board above the median income level. But not withstanding my belief that this would be good for the United States I don't recall anyone in the "brain trust," and I use that term very loosely —like a 100 year old male prostitute with an anus that can be stretch over his head, of the Bush administration saying anything at all about Iraq being an imminent threat to the US because of its lack of a tax code.

I mean sure, if given the opportunity to actually know about this policy, I would have changed my mind and happily supported the war. And sure, I would have given the Bush administration leave to waste billions of dollars & butcher & maim thousands in order to impose what is, no doubt, a very sensible policy, for the United States, you nimrods. But given that I was not privy to this reasoning behind the war, instead lead down some yellow garden path of Niger (I'd love to see Skippy try to pronounce that country correctly), I do not approve.

In fact not only do I not approve but neither does the 4th Geneva Convention, to which the US is a party. I say again: George Bush is a criminal. He should be tried for treason and frogmarched across malls & playgrounds throughout the country. His immorality is a scourge on our nation's character and his incompetency a detriment to all of our pocketbooks (well almost, there's that 1%—smirk!).

Jan Haugland writes, after reading Thomas Friedman, that "the leftists who compare Iraq to Viet Nam has lost their connection to reality." Really? Well I don't know leftists from plum sauce but I can certainly attest to this war being very very similar to Vietnam. Friedman, (My God this man is such a naive prat—terrorists are shitting all over what he holds to be sacred, boo hoo! All is fair in love & war as they say. Apparently Friedman never attended school that day.), goes on about how tha character of the enemy in Vietnam is different than that of the enemy in Iraq. What a load of codswallop. This is a red herring. [ed. Why the sudden fish references?] It matters not one bit whether the enemy in Iraq is like that of Vietnam. Not one bit.

What matters is what is happening on the ground in the US. And there the similarities are striking. Wars which are the result of lies & theft are doomed to fail. [see: War on Poverty, Drugs, Divorce] The war on terrorism has been going on long before George Bush came on the scene and will be going on long after he's gone. When all is said and done his policies have been bad for the nation and the unraveling of our military, our respect in world, our respect for the process of law and the resulting chasms in the American politic are very similar to what was happening in Vietnam. We have only just begun to see the similarities.

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The real parallel between the wars in Iraq and Vietnam is that they were based upon cultural conflicts of politics and economics. The US "intervention" in Iraq wasn't based on protecting the human rights of the Iraqi people or even their neighbors, just as fighting the North Vietnamese wasn't about protecting the South Vietnamese or their neighbors. The enemy that was socialism and communism has now been replaced by a broader target -- it's anything that's anti-capitalism, anti-consumption. This makes Islam a target. It's why the Bush Administration hasn't taken Boykin down, he gives voice to their beliefs.

It is Vietnam, all over again. At what point will we realize we cannot force our political will on people who live in a different reality? At what point will we understand that our politics and social structure may not be best for everyone? As if our killer fast-food-overworked culture hasn't already been sending us clues...

Posted by: Rayne at November 2, 2003 12:51 PM

It should be noted that I was not attempting to point out all the similarities. I am sure that such a project is beyond my allowable time.

Yes that whole, we are simply helping the Iraqis overthrow a tyrant is the worst type of speciousness. As in everything the US does there is no doubt a sliver of truth to that but we did not invade Iraq to overthrow a tyrant because it was the right thing to do. That's a lie.

Posted by: filchyboy at November 2, 2003 03:03 PM

I know I'm preaching to the choir here, of course, on the whyfore of Iraq II.

It gets my goat that Friedman -- an otherwise intelligent man capable of holistic, systemic though -- signs on to this crap, believing blindly that this administration will somehow make a silk purse of a sow's ear, when they were really intending a sow's ear remain so all along. The only intention this administration had was making the sow's ear their own.

Posted by: Rayne at November 2, 2003 05:10 PM

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