October 03, 2003

Updating the BlogRoll

As always I am very backordered on the various drafts I have in my to do folder...here's a short list of stuff parked and waiting for my attention:

  • A Review of TypePad
  • The Green Party & Ralph Nader
  • Effective Contraception
  • More on Gay Marriage
  • A Short Primer on Journalism: Robert Novak & The Plame Affair

Who knows when any of this stuff will get posted.

But, this weekend I should be finished with my new re-write of The Safer Sex Page and I hope to republish my blogroll with updates. Over the last few months I have found lots of very cool blogs I'd like to link to. I know that I have agreed to link to you. I had the best of intentions at the time. Now rather than try and parse the 1000 messages in my in box I thought it better to get you to let me know that I had agreed to add you to my blogroll. So use the comment field below this post to remind me of this. (If you just have a cool blog and I've never seen it you may want to go ahead and give me a heads up as well.)

Now go...let me know.

UPDATE There are no guarantees that I will link to you. This is not a contract. In fact if you ask me to link to you and I think the link sucks I just may say so.

UPDATE Oh yea and I'm also looking for the love of my life. If you are too consider this a personal add and respond accordingly, lol!

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