September 30, 2003

The Presidency Wars

The Presidency Wars assumes that Bush's illegitimacy is itself illegitimate. Many minimize or mock the assertion that our Constitution was breached when the Supreme Court interfered with Florida's ability to decide electors to the college. David Brooks is among them, obviously, as he sees this issue as simply one of many legitimate complaints in a polity such as ours. It's all just politics he says, or rather hate.

I see the country I love being ruled by an unelected coup. I see that coup attempting to change the fundamental basics of my American dream. I see mendacity and banality from all of those involved in this coup. I see a war on terror and in our hour of need we have a filthy imposter in the office.

Now, you can disagree. There are only a minority of us who feel this way. We number in the millions to be sure but we are still just a minority. You can think me silly or misled. That is your right. But until we have another election, until the system as laid out by the Constitution and custom is used to elect someone to the post we will never agree. I will not accept George Bush as President until he has been elected to his post. Until then I will continue to stand against every single fucking thing he says, every single fucking thing he does, and every single one of his followers in this crime against our forefathers and the spirit of America. Until 2004 every act of his, holding the fucking office, should be grounds for him to be tried for treason.

Neither Al Gore nor George Bush won the election of 2000. We are in a Constitutional breach. David Brooks can pretend or assume that all things being equal it is efficious to make a comparison between the Presidencies of yesteryear with this monstrosity we have now, but he is quite wrong.

The word hate is far too much of an understatement about how I see George Bush. His father was ten times the man he is. I have contempt for the him. Utter contempt.

Think what you will David. I am only one of millions but until you find away to accomodate our views in your world view we will continue at this stalemate. We have important work to do as a nation. We cannot do it with the nation so divided and this scroundrel holding the reins of the executive branch.

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It's Bush who needs to do the frog-walk.

Posted by: filchyboy at September 30, 2003 11:04 PM

His point was that we are not at a stalemate. George Bush is moving quite forward, as President, to places we don't want him to go, killing people we don't want him to kill, handing out cash and blowjobs to people we hate. And yes, nearly every time I see him on TV I cringe to think of where he sleeps every night, and shake my head when I see his wife's hand getting kissed by Jacques Chirac, knowing that he is kissing our First Lady's hand, and no, it doesn't feel good. But it is true. It is not a stalemate. And it is the acts of this man, this President, that we have to fight, and not waste ourselves otherwise. We have to resist, as you say, but not wholesale, and not based on the person or the fraudulent genesis of his power, but on specific issues. Because we are right and he is wrong.

Posted by: Daniel X. O'Neil at October 1, 2003 12:20 AM

I think perhaps we're talking past each other. My quibble is with the authors inability to accept a class of "complaint" about George Bush. It is as though, among many of the citizens, that discussions about the 2000 election are beside the point or somehow less than legitimate points to raise. I disagree very strongly.

But now matter, yes, I disagree with much of his agenda. But more importantly I have issue with his methods. George Bush is a criminal. I have no idea what you are talking about when you mention a kiss of the hand of Laura Bush.

Posted by: filchyboy at October 1, 2003 11:44 PM

Yes, we are talking past each other.
We are in agreement.
Bush = Bad. Needs to go. Today. So no more commenting on this for me.

As to his wife, the front page of the NYT had this photo the other day:


Posted by: Daniel X. O'Neil at October 2, 2003 01:19 PM

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