September 23, 2003


bullshit! My feelings have absolutely nothing to do with 9/11 you fool. Bush was a dangerous man before 9/11 just as he is afterwards. Stick your cultural shift up your ass! Andrew, your complete inability to understand the evangelical born-again Christian nexus in American politics makes all of your commentary about George Bush completely vacuous.

You are a gay urban elite living in places like Washington and Providence. You seriously need to examine the bedfellows you keep. A commentator has mentioned the American Taliban. Look to Ashcroft with his "decently" covered statue and you'll see why these men are dangerous and why many see the Taliban walking among us even today. You seem to be in their bed wearing their burka.

Bush cannot pull out of this. People are still demonstrating, every week, every week the banners come out at the side of the road. Cars honk and wave, Bush is toast. Since the campaign of 2000 Bush has led with his chin, his arrogance, his pride. Like his father, he has a glass jaw. How come you won't see this?

Until recently I suspected that only a terrorist attack on American soil could save the man from his father's fate but his apparent continued blind arrogance at the UN today and the "surprising" drop in his poll numbers since he laid out the price tag for nation building has me convinced now that even another terrorist attack or war could not save him.

History tells strange stories and this ones surely not over but really, Andrew, stick your cultural shift up your ass. You have absolutely no idea.

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Ditto -- what filchyboy said, in spades. After watching Sullivan this past week on Chris Matthews, I agree entirely. Clueless.

Posted by: Rayne at September 25, 2003 01:04 PM

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