July 30, 2003

Glenn Reynolds Pokes at Turds

Sometimes Glenn Reynolds is dumber than a homeless lady's turd on the sidewalk outside. Get this: it is a regular occurence for media outlets to use pictures, video, and copy which have nothing whatsoever to do with the content of the story. It seems that 9 out of 10 stories which you see on tv or in the newspaper have some kind of pic which comes from stock footage or which some editor has decided "fits" the story in question. Some of my regular readers can perhaps explain the actual term for this. Very little of what you see as representative in the media is actually that: representative. I have been watching this my whole life. Is it right? NO! Is sheer nonsense? YES! Is it bias? Surely not. Poke at your own turds Glenn. No doubt you'll have something more cogent to say about them. Instead of picking on the BBC perhaps you can point out this behavior in all media and ask for it to be changed. That would do all of us some good. (I would be extremely happy if all stock footage were to be removed from news reporting) Pointing at the BBC just makes you look like the simp with his finger in the poo.

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