July 16, 2003

Eight People Dead

Old man loses control and runs people over in my local farmers market. I was walking through there just yesterday. Folks on the scene are saying he drove 60mph through the market. This is amazing. There isn't enough room to go that fast unless you intend to do what the man did.

The radio is now saying that the man stopped at the barricade which demarks the beginning of the market. He spun out and plowed through 3 blocks at full speed. 8 dead. 14 critically wounded. The rain has started.

They are transferring injured folks to Harbor in helicopters because the local hospital reachable by ambulance is overrun with wounded. Arizona & Wilshire are shut down. Santa Monica must be as well. Doctors wearing scrubs have driven up and are beginning to help. The rain is getting worse.

Lots of reports coming in. Very confusing noone seems to know exactly what happened. When he stopped after 3 blocks there was a woman crushed under the car. Standers by picked the car up to remove it from the woman.

A witness said the man said, "If you saw me coming how come you didn't get out of the way?"

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