July 06, 2003

Dennis Prager - Are You a Liberal

It is my belief that about half of the Americans who call themselves liberal do not hold the great majority of positions held by mainstream liberal institutions such as the New York Times editorial page, People for the American Way, and the liberal wing of the Democratic Party. So here is a test of this thesis to be given to anyone who believes he or she is a liberal. If you feel I have omitted a liberal position or have unfairly characterized any of them here, please e-mail me. This is still a work in progress.

Thank you,

Dennis Prager

You say you are a liberal.

Actually Dennis I do not say I am a liberal. It is just that so called Conservatives are more often than not so supremely stupid that I am commonly considered to be liberal. Don't believe it. In fact I consider myself to be very conservative. So conservative in fact that I would never ever vote for a Republican as the Republican party doesn't have the first clue what conservatism actually means. I'm going to take your quiz for the jollies of it though!

Do you believe the following?

1. Standards for admissions to universities, fire departments, etc. should be lowered for people of color.

Absolutely not. The way you phrase this seems to entail that a sole criteria for lowering standards of admission by that of color. That is silly. Every person, read potential employee/student/supplicant, is unique just as the needs of every position/program are.

As an example I consider one of the pre-requisites of adulthood is being a waiter. If someone has not actually waited tables in their lives I am highly unlikely to trust that person to understand what it is like to swallow one's pride and take it up the ass by the average priggish resturant client [this is not to say the average client is priggish but rather that those who are need to vicitimize every adult at some point in their lives]. In my experience most horrid folk I meet have never worked in a situation like a restuarant. Some say the shrub is doofus and untrustworthy because he didn't live up to his commitments and went AWOL. I say he's a doofus and untrustworthy because he's never had to bus a 12 top.

Dennis you left out physical charactistics as well. Most people are pretty smart and given the right environment can rise to about the same level as their peers. So if one person who got score X on a standardized test gets the job instead of someone who got X+Y on the standardized test I'm not too worried about it. On the other hand if firefighter (female, 4'8" 100lbs) A is going to pull me out of a burning building I'd better hope she has to meet or beat the tests which firefighter (male, 6'8", 200lbs) B had to take to become a firefighter.

My point: your question is bullshit and takes a very complicated question: Who is best for the job? and tries to fit it into a silly little piss ant yes/no question. That might fly on the brave world of high reason and intellect that passes for radio these days but it doesn't get out of the gate here. 'kaaaayyy!

2. Bilingual education for children of immigrants, rather than immersion in English, is good for them and for America.

more after my exercise

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