June 24, 2003

Doc Searls Does Chris Who Does the Dial

I fear this is just wishful thinking. Pamphleteers and broadsheeters would be a much better example of a blog-like media from history. At least with them there is some sense of a link between event and time to publish which roughly echoes blogs.

I agree with the comments about Emerson but attempting to run a direct line of blog descendency from journals such as the Dial is just to try and shoehorn a completely unique and new way of publishing into a very old and well trod method. It might feel good but that doesn't mean it fits.

I'd be more interested in tracing the line of ideas which came from the Dial, Pound, Fluxus, etc., and how they inform the milieau of blogs. I don't think structural comparisons really work. Ideas, that's where the gold is to be found.

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