June 12, 2003

Condoms for Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Prevention is the most effective strategy for controlling the spread of infectious diseases. Prevention through avoiding exposure is the best strategy for controlling the spread of sexually transmitted disease (STD). Behavior that eliminates or reduces the risk of one STD will likely reduce the risk of all STDs.

I'm finally getting resources back in place after the recent move to a new server. It looks like many of the documents are going to fall into a more standardized format. One of my biggest problems for quite a while now has been the trailing pile of documents I have in the archives which have yet to be updated to the new format. I have put a lot of work into designing a way to avoid this from now on. Today I bring you a document originally published in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report from March of 1998.

One thing I am finding is that I really need to be more proactive about caching copies of page which I link to. I am finding lots of resources have simply disappeared. Very sad.

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