June 11, 2003

Time Flies Dixie Chicks

Today I was looking at a Los Angeles Times story about the Dixie Chicks at the Grammy Awards in 1999. Things certainly have changed since then. Back then I didn't have much respect for them. I hadn't heard any of their music. (I never heard them until this neweswt album) My only media interaction with them at that point was a silly article in a Southwest Airlines in-flight magazine story about them. I was offended, in some fashion, by the way they dressed. It seemed so anti-country. Normally that would be a boon for me but, I guess, given that I don't generally like country music it just struck me as false. Considering how stylized and false country music is i guess it's understandable to have such a reaction. Of course now I realize that the Dixie Chicks are very accomplished and even inspiring. The Maines remark about Bush was definately a plus.

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