June 05, 2003

"To Perceive the Space Around Myself

I stretch my tongue up in the air. The muscle dries. A rigid cracking of my buds as I turn them into the hot wind. I do this without moving my head as the sockets holding my ears pinch when I tilt my chin. To my left the blurring roar of industrial strength forced air popping machines. They pop my environmentally safe packaging, again. I assume I will be shipped out soon.

"The screen in front of my eyes shows, with exquisite detail, the manners and torsions of my body. My visual world exists at the edges of my lashes. Screen at my command I examine my body to vilify these doubts which keep me awake. My eyelids have been removed. Through the screen I examine my world, the great canals and arid expanses of my body.

"With scarcely a moment of trepidation I rectify my response time to coincide with the sweep of the electron gun. Now that our periods have meshed I am aroused. Blood flows through my fingers as my nipples harden and touch the cold stainless steel plate. I feel the striations of steel grip the areola of my left breast. And I am suck."

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