June 04, 2003

A Few Points About Condoms & Lubes

Condoms without spermicide have a 5 year window of freshness.

Lube is definitely not just lube. It greatly varies across product lines. One tip you may be interested in. If you are using a water based lubricant bring a small mister with you. Water based lube will dry up rather quickly with all the friction and heat. When it becomes tacky simply spray a bit of mist onto the body part where the lube is and it will instantly "revive" the lube. Never use an oil based lube with a latex condom. Silicone lubes are very very nice but hard to clean up and should never be used with silicone based sex toys.

Condoms are just like athletic shoes. They come in many different sizes and shapes and it is in your best interest to play around a bit to find the type that fits you best. Just as every foot is different so is every cock. Currently there are only 3 basic sizes for condoms but there is plenty of variations within those sizes both across style and across manufacturer.

There are a number of ways you can masturbate with a condom which are very very nice. I always recommend that the average fellow should learn how to masturbate with a condom by themselves as the experience will make their usage with a partner a much better experience.

And yes all men, period, should avoid coming into contact with spermicide. Bad stuff!

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