May 23, 2003

The Problem With the DotCom

Back in the heady days of the dot com explosion it got so difficult to deal with technology vendors because they were hiring so fast they hired idiots and fools straight out of school who had no expereince and who constituted layers and layers of management. This was absolutely terrible because perfectly compatent firms one day had engineers and reps who could carry on reasonable conversations about their products and help to devise solutions for their customers. And then the next day these people were gone, replaced by fools.

So here we are several years later. The situation is different. Now I find vendors who are reasonably well versed in technical matters. But they bought sophisticated systems off the shelf from failed dotcoms and noone involved knows the nuts and bolts of these systems anymore. It was better before when staff knew the product well enough to talk about it. And in the event of questions knew enough the engineer who would know the answer. Now I find noone wants to admit they really do not know their applications and even worse they do not know they do not know their applications.

Someday I'm going to just put it all aside and develop my own applications again, like Brent. [bonus interview]

I probably wouldn't hire anybody for anything unless they had a weblog.

I feel the same way. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on your perspective, I don't often do the hiring.

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