April 09, 2003

Technique Is Always the Hobgoblin of Process

I have not been posting for almost 2 weeks now. Beyond today there may be another 2 week break in posts as this iBook is replaced with a PowerBook.

Of note since I have been away:

  • I gave a small interview for AVN. I have no idea if it will ever see the light of day or, and if it does, whether it will be available online or just in the print version.
  • I've been asked to help with a Blind Date production. Sorry, but no.
  • I've got some comments about Consent Condoms. Would anyone actually buy these aside from rapists?
  • I am still seeking a fellow in the Southern California area who has a very large penis. If the largest condom available in the US is too small for you then drop me a note.
  • I haven't gone through with the Love Notes CD giveaway. That'll come soon after I get the infrastructure around here back up to speed.
  • My officemate asks me yesterday if I have changed my mind about the war based on pictures of Iraqis dancing in the streets. No. I'll explain more later.
  • I finally got together my old piece from Ones & Zeroes, "The Weirding Way," on the first Gulf War. It'll be posted soon.
  • I finished my interviews with the Raging Cow kids. Look for that soon.
  • I have a piece of gay erotica to post.
  • I have been working on a huge project, in secret, which will completely re-configure my life professionally. The end of this process will allow me to begin work on my blog/community project. More on this later.
  • I have been asked to build the front end for a web application. This should be fun and it pays well. Yea!
  • Which is especially attractive as my truck has given up the ghost for the final time, see burning dashboard, and I must find something to replace it.
  • I have been made aware of another fascinating project involving marketing and blogs. I hope to be able to post about this in more detail before it officially launches.
  • This domain is being transitioned in DNS. If you see strange effects you should either stop taking so many drugs or just chill until the DNS transition is finished.
  • I have enrolled this site in the Blogshares system. Go buy some shares why don't you!
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