January 09, 2003

Peace In The Valley

The theme that ran through the small group I facilitated is how worried people are about the future of this country -- both fear of terror reprisals and shame at the face we're putting to the world via this war.

There is going to be a demonstration in Washington DC against the administration's war. It is not in the best interest of my country to be pursuing this course. The country we are becoming, guided by vengence & in service to oil cartels and drug cartels is not the country that I think is the best country in the whole world. The United States will rot from the inside out if we continue this policy. The country's biggest exposed flank is not airport security. It is oil. The countries biggest exposed flank is not some vital piece of infrastructure or the world's tallest building or even the gruesome death of several thousand citizens. It is oil.

The ads are right. They are hyperbole and simplistic like other advertising but they are right on point. The dependence the United States, and all industrialized countries, have on the oil age will be our undoing. Good job Arianna!

As oil becomes more expensive to produce the oil cartel becomes more powerful. In some small part this war in Iraq will reintegrate Iraq into the world market. Particularly the oil market. Noone knows exactly "when" we have to transition beyond our dependence on oil but I think its fair and reasonable to say we have to at some point. Voluntary compliance or forced compliance it's all the same. The job of the President is to lead. I don't want my President to carry wars to other countries.

I think the majority of the country feels, in some manner, given the events of September 11th, that attacking the Taliban & Al-queda was just. But it strikes my gut, and almost everyone I know personally, that attacking Iraq is unjust. Many agree it was just to free Kuwuit, to maintain the structural integrity of Kuwiat and not allow Iraq to seize Kuwaiti oilfields. I am sure oil prices would have been greatly effected by Iraq taking the oilfields of Kuwait. It was certainly just when Saddam gassed the Kurds.

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