July 16, 2002

Gang Rape Pakistan

A few days ago I made mention of a gang rape in Pakistan. Rape is an extremely powerful lever for changing the world. It turns out that wordwide horror over this series of events has not quite been noticed by some American media. I wonder why ABC, as of this day, has chosen to ignore this story? Competitors like MSN, FoxNews, CBS & CNN are covering the story.

Pakistan is an allie to the United States in the "war on terrorism". For a number of reasons, one of which must surely be the existing alliance, it should come as no surprise that worldwide mores would effect the developments of this case.

"The governor of the Punjab Province, retired Lieutenant General Khalid Maqbool, paid a surprise visit to the village of Meerwala Saturday to meet with the 18-year-old rape victim, Mukhtaran Bibi, local officials said."

The good people of the government of Pakistan, for whatever number of reasons, will bring schools, roads, electricity, & police to the rural area of Pakistan where the rapes occurred. Apparently the little boy, the girl's brother, was also raped for his pluck at having an affair with a women out of his class & I assume his age range. At least that was the initial story. The culprits in this case have said that he, the little 11 year old boy, raped the 30 year old women from above his class. But a doctor has examined the boy. The report said the boy was a "minor and incapable to meet the sexual lust of any opposite sex".

Given this it seems doubtful the boy had any affair whatsoever. Perhaps a friendship, to be sure, but no matter either way 4 men raped an 11 eleven year old boy and an 18 year old woman and as a result a village gets connected to the grid. Rape can be used as a political tool by politians whether they actually do the deed or not.

People can be very dangerous when it comes to sex. I have been feeling recently, based on the comments I've heard, like I'm going to be attacked because I wear the wrong set of swim trunks. Sometimes it feels as though we are just a footstep away from being a society where the Taliban would feel right at home.

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