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DayLink Thursday, July 4, 2002

Toney asks "I work for SSL Americas, the parent company for Durex condoms, (U.S. operations). I work in Regulatory Affairs and typically get asked questions that cover a greater scope than just Durex products. I was wondering if you would possibly have any information about condom barrier protection and typical condom pore sizes."

That's a good question Toney. The reason it is a good question is that there is an urban myth that the size of the HIV virus (.1 micron in diameter) is much smaller than the size of the typical latex pore which is 5 microns. The only problem with this theory of course is that the virus seeks transport on proteins which are much bigger than 5 microns. The virus doesn't move around on its own. It needs proteins within the host to attach to.

11:56:23 PM    

Ron asks "Can you get pregnant from oral sex?"

No Ron you can't. But be careful because if your are with a women that is fertile and you are both naked and exploring each others bodies there is no telling where you'll put that spunk of yours.

11:33:29 PM    

Amanda asks "Does a man still need to wear a condom if the woman is on the pill? There is no issue of diseases because we are each other's first and only; however pregnancy is the main concern. Thanks for you help!"

Amanda there is a period of time after you start taking the pill where your body is adjusting to it and may not be receiving the complete prophylactic effect. During this period, a safe bet is the first 3 months after you have started taking the pill, you should wear a condom in conjunction with the pill. After 3 months the full effects of the pill will have kicked in and you won't need to rely on the condom as backup.

Of course don't forget the pill is not a quarantee of results and you should be sure to coordinate this with a doctor. Your results may vary.

11:25:25 PM    

Gottfried Straube
- Gottfried Straube

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