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DayLink Friday, July 19, 2002

Mitch has a great article about personal care assistant (PCA) facilitated sex. A must read. I have someone in my life who is paralyzed. Nice to learn there are options.

I was talking with someone today about the need to be ambidextrous in masturbation. "Quick before you lose the one you use learn how to love with the other!" It must be very frustrating to either have your body fail you in sex or to be intimate with someone who fits that. I think it's a very positive idea to have a specialized PCA educated to deal with sex & sexuality issues for the disabled. Is there some esoteric branch of sex therapy which covers this?

I wonder if Garp's mom thought she was doing the job of a PCA?

11:28:14 PM    

Just a few days after Scott Evertz, the Director of the White House Office of National AIDS Policy, is reported to have acknowledged, in reference to US AIDS policies, "I think there is a sense that our feet are being held to the fire, and they should be" the Bush administration is moving one gay bureacrat from the HHS office of HIV and AIDS policy to replace the current gay AIDS czar, Evertz. Some are saying this is a political move based on Scott Evertz's stand on condom usage.

Considering that AIDS is increasingly a women's disease I find it interesting that the Bush administration is filling these spots with gay men. I wonder if this is the carrot to gay organizations and voters for past idiotic Republican stances on homosexuality? Or is it a jab to the chin for the social conservatives to keep the middle in Bush's camp? Maybe these guys are the best for the job and their gayness has nothing to do with their appointments?

Any situation involving both sexually transmitted diseases and politics is bound to be highly interpretative.

11:33:02 AM    

Tonight I went to a bar and met up with some folks through meetup.

This was the first time I have ever actually physically met folks who do what I do. I've been doing this since 1995.

I found myself trying to put into words to strangers what it is I do and why. I have an enormous amount of work to do to bring this all together before I should, by all rights, be able to say it.

How's that for opaque?

12:06:13 AM    

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