HIV Counselor PERSPECTIVES________

Volume 3, Number 1, February 1993
Written and Produced by the University of California San Francisco AIDS Health Project for the California Department of Health Services, Office of AIDS

STDs and HIV

Health education related to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) other than HIV has been largely overlooked throughout the HIV epidemic. This is true even though STDs are serious in and of themselves and their occurrence can be looked to as a measure of a person's HIV infection risk. Because behaviors that lead to other STDs are generally the same ones that lead to HIV infection, the presence of an STD can be a warning sign of potential HIV infection. In addition, ulcerations, lesions, and other harmful effects of STDs can increase vulnerability to HIV infection. For someone infected with HIV, bounts of STDs can be far more serious, and they can directly harm the immune system.

This issue of PERSPECTIVES reports on STD transmission, prevalence and treatments, as well as the relationship between HIV and other STDs. The Implications for Counseling section offers approaches to STD education and risk reduction.


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