STDs and HIV

V3, N1, February 1993


PERSPECTIVES is an educational publication of the California Department of Health Services, Office of AIDS, written and produced by the AIDS Health Project of the University of California San Francisco. Reprint permission is granted, provided acknowledgement is given to the Department of Health Services.

PERSPECTIVES is based largely on input from antibody test counselors and other health professionals. Among those who had a significant influence on this issue are Susan McCreedy, Arnett Thomas, Christine Cipperly, Hank Tavera, Joe Chase and Christine Geoghegan.

Writer and Editor: John Tighe
Clinical Consultants: JD Benson, MFCC; Marcia Quackenbush, MFCC, Jaklyn Brookman, MFCC Writer and Researcher: Clare Potter
Production:Leslie Samuels
Administrative Support:Roger Scroggs

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HIV Counselor Perspectives, V3N1, 2/93 (Sun Jan 1 21:53:55 1995)