Tuesday, November 19, 2002

It's okay you know, to be silent.
10:25:04 PM    comment [] Dude, it's cuz he's a tyrant! Duh! What you want, should I cry? Is this surprising somehow to you?
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Should I give it all back?
Apparently Morgan is miffed (is that the correct word?) that Susannah is asking for donations for an operation on her reverse cowgirl. So now there is an underground of complaints against this practice.

You'll notice that I don't have any PayPal or Amazon pay-me link in place here. Yet I still make money at this. Strange huh?! I wonder if I should give it back? Har har...not likely me thinks.

Of course I am thinking of putting up an oral sex beggin bowl. I've suggested it to Susannah. Hope she takes that up cuz surely I'd donate to that!
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Gulf Wars - Coming Soon!
This movie poster is likely not going to be around long as I am sure it will prove way too popular for memepool to support. But check it out while you can.
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This just in... Condoms lubricated with a N-9 enhanced lubricant are no longer legal in Peru.
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It gets better, too. "The appeal hearing was not public, and only the Justice Department's top appellate lawyer, Theodore Olson, presented arguments." Umm... your secret court had a secret trial and secretly heard arguments from one side?! Can we send in some troops to D.C.? 'Cause I have the feeling we're gonna be needing some liberation. [anil dash]
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coming up above us now is a cloud, a creeping thing. on the trapeze the catcher has a resin locked hold, solid. at the yards, the cirque, a tantamount of luxury, has dispersed its athletes into the night. the rain later will clean the sky.


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