December 16, 2003

Pile On

I can't even read this bilge. I was so struck upon learning that this homophobic fuck Mr. Card is a Democrat that I couldn't even concentrate on the Dean pile-on being displayed by oh so many members of the Democratic party right now. If I was a Democrat I'd be incensed at the sheer nonsense being spewed by so many trying to suck up to the Republicans since Saddam Hussein was captured a few days ago.

One thing I do know, and it has become painfully clear, is that the media is not liberal and it is not conservative. People, read journalists & their editors, are just plain stupid. One member of the conservative ranks can show ample evidence that the media is liberal and a member of the liberal wing can show that it is conservative but all these morons read the media as though it is the be all end all. The media isn't trying to elect Howard Dean Mr. Card. The media is trying to trump up a story so that they can sell the story. You are paying attention to that. I have seen a blood lust in the media since Saddam Hussein's capture the other day in which almost everything I see is some kind of subtle, and not so subtle, play for a death sentence and a public execution. It's where you look and what you pay attention to. I have been looking for blood lust anbd sure enough that is what I find.

I am so so so sick of reading and listening to ignorant fools talk about the media being this or that. The media is the fucking borg and will do anything, say anything, be anything you NEED IT TO BE, if you'll just take some time out of your day to pay attention to it.

The media is like a kindergardener on a slide yelling "Mommy, mommy, mommy lookit me!" while the kids line up behind it waiting to go down, "Mommy, mommy, mommy, lookit me!" And the sad part is that we're all the other mommies now and all we can do is chuckle and hope the media's mommy notices the kid at the top of the slide & all the kids behind waiting to go down the slide.

I can't even begin to tell you how much respect I've lost for Orson Scott Card over the last couple of weeks. What a frigging moron. Osama Bin Laden's strategy is, ah no, go back to your report and try it again Mr. Card. No fair cribbing from the Neo-Cons young man. Okay I'm only going to say this once though so write it down. You have a pen? Well take it out of your mouth and pay attention. If Osama Bin Laden was as lousy a tactician as you and all your buddies believe then don't you think he would have been defeated long ago. I mean seriously the guy has taken on the Soviet Union and certainly was very involved in its downfall. The guy took down at least one government in Kabul. The guy is very close to taking down the government of Pakistan. He's moving on Saudi Arabia. He's inflicted 10's of thousands of deaths on the world's population and you are are still coddling your little panty waisted fantasies that if we were just "man" enough not to cut and run that everything will be hunky dory.

Well wake the fuck up little trooper and smell the fucking rat poison. Underestimating your enemy is one of the cardinals mistakes which gets your ass killed. George Bush and his boy toys underestimated Iraq and we're looking at huge cost overruns and major disruptions to the main battle against Saddam Hussein. Don't you think, and I know this idea may be too damn big for your little head, but stick with me here there is a pay off, that perhaps Osama Bin Laden's strategy may involve something along the lines of getting all the major players involved to fight against each other instead of him and his little band of evildoers? I mean rather than relying upon your enemy to be a coward wouldn't it make more sense to rely upon him to be distracted by fighting others you call the enemy? If I were Osama Bin Laden right now I'd be laughing my ass off right now watching the little mental retards in the current US administration taking on Saddam Hussein. And you Mr. Card, spit that gum out right now young man, ally yourself with the mental midgets and play right into Osama's clever hands.

I'm going to have to call your mother young man. You simply will not be rewarded for this behavior.

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Oh jesus are you right. It is beyond moronic presupmtion to say that since Saddam is caught, the Republicans are 100% correct in all that they have done and will do. It literally makes my blood boil. And Leibermann and Kerry both, need to think about what the FUCK they are doing to their own party, instead of fulfilling their egotistical bastardly needs and concentrating solely on THEIR campaign. FUKN Hypocrits! If they truly cared about their nation, their actions should show it more than their mouths.

AND as to the "accusation" that Democrats are incapable of defending their country I have one thing to say. BULLSHIT and everybody knows it. The difference here is the Republicans are calling an OFFENSIVE action, DEFENSIVE. God, when will these fukn middle school boys realize politics ain't football and stop all this "the best defense is....." mentality.

Posted by: ben at December 17, 2003 04:29 AM

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