December 14, 2003

Nightline Host (Not So Gracious)

Koppel's complete inability to run a cogent "debate" the other night was most disheartening. It was very disappointing as well that only Howard Dean raised his hand when asked if Howard Dean could beat George Bush in the next election. Every single one of those candidates should have raised their hands. Each one of them on that stage could beat George Bush. The question was dishonest and the responses from all, but perhaps Howard Dean, were cowardly. If only one had raised their hand, and been able to say just that, then I am sure that person would have risen 10 points in the polls the next day. The entire situation was a clusterfuck and I hope all involved are suitably shamed by being a part of it.

The interesting and most telling question to come of it is this: "If the shoe were on the other foot and Koppel had said another name, Sharpton for instance, would Howard Dean have raised his hand and said anyone of us could beat Bush. It is my hope he would in that situation. We'll never know. But if he wouldn't then he's just as much a coward as the rest of them.

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