October 29, 2003

Gentleman Stalker, Donald L. Luskin

In an apparent bid to spread his reign of terror & evil gentleman stalker Donald L. Luskin has given communist running dog Atrios, of the House of Eschaton, 72 hours to destroy certain "dangerous" documents which purport to "blow the lid" on Donald L. Luskin's mad & brilliant desire to become the managing editor of Paul Krugman.

Paul Krugman has been called a man's man. He is the lowlife responsible for the vicious re-naming of Freedom Fries. We all know he's really a self loathing Frenchman. Noone reads his writing, except, all those lumbering Luskin dittoheads checking so diligently on Donald's declarations of love for Paul. His true love.

Donald L. Luskin may have balked at his chance to stalk Atrios at the Meetup. He may have even tied one on in the green room with Asparagus Girl at the rock show, but this reporter has it on good authority that Donald L. Luskin is stalking Paul Krugman.

In a civilized society sir you would stick to your Jeffrey & leave Paul to Atrios. Atrios has surely more to offer Paul than you could Don, I mean, and I'm trying to be gentle here, you're a stalker.

You sir, Donald L. Luskin, are an ass and I challenge you to a gentlemen's round of fisticuffs. I will kick your ass and show you the error of your ways. Put 'em up.

UPDATE Atrios, that wiener of wisdom, was last seen putting his ducks in a row.

UPDATE Rich, I'm comin for you next homes.

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