September 17, 2003

Withering Chads

I have been asked why I haven't made any comments about the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision of a few days ago. Apparently my willingness to comment on pretty much anything which crosses the transom is getting around.

I am, more than anything, amused. The best part of the recall so far for me was watching Darrell Issa crying on television when he buckled under to his parties pressure and withdrew from the race to succeed an elected governor. That was just rich. Mr. Issa said, in the LA Times today, of the court decision that democracy was being thwarted by the court. Obviously Mr. Issa is not so concerned by democracy being thwarted by his cash and folks willing to garner signatures for a buck per signature.

Personally I'd like to have this nonsense over with as soon as possible. So I am not that eager to have the recall delayed until March. I am sure even bigger problems will come from such a delay. Not the least of which will be the titanic ballot we will get in LA county come March with the inclusion of all of these 135 candidates, lots of regular business such as initiatives, regular elections such as judges and such. It looks as though the March ballot will contain dozens of pages to be sorted out by each individual voter. It is looking more and more like I will be voting absentee into the foreseeable future.

That is what I have done this election. I have already sent in my ballot. Knowing that there will not be that many voting precinct locations in October I voted absentee to spare me the hassle. This last election back in June the little one and I had to wander all over town finding a place to vote as our normal location was unavailable for the vote. It was very nice when we could simply walk down the street in the evening, vote, and then get dinner. But getting in the car and travelling across town, finding parking, and waiting in line surely removes the romance from voting. So for now I'll stick to absenteeism. So what to do? I have already voted yet the court says the vote is not going to happen.

It's very amusing. It gives me great satisfaction to watch the Republican talking heads purposefully misinterpret the ruling in order to add to their own apoplectic poses. Naturally this court decision is a natural outgrowth of Bush v. Gore. And as such I find it especially satisfying. The 9th has thrown back at the SCOTUS their own words. Delicious if you ask me. I told my dad back when the 2000 debacle was going on that if the court thought they could get away with this crap that they are going to break the Constitution just once and noone else was allowed to then they must be on drugs. I'd love to see the full banc of the 9th approve the three body decision and have the whole shebang passed up to SCOTUS. Damn but that will set well with the electorate.

Whatever happens it will surely be amusing. I love life.

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