September 16, 2003

Hilarious Aging Rocker

This is just too sweet! Bruce Springsteen apparently exhorted a crowd to impeach Bush. NewsMax, being the judicious and evenhanded mouthpeice that it is, relies upon a freeper to give the details.

A week or two ago I got some kind of spam from NewsMax, cleverly disguised as some kind of "Buy an Arnold T-Shirt/Support the Troops/Bend Over & Take It Up the Ass for Bush" kind of crap. When I complained to the editor I got some gas bag declaring with great fervor that NewsMax is a responsible organization that would never send out spam. Yea right! I can read headers you fools!

Anyway so the best part of this freeper induced news story is the inclusion at the end of an editor's note offering to let me hear John Wayne's "Why I love America."

I never have understood how the right wing air for brains could ever read "Born in the USA" as so much jingoistic poop. Takes all kinds I guess. (Including freepers)

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