Free Your Mind, But Watch Out for Crabs

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"And no, you can't just lick all the dust off and have everything be OK. Unprotected oral sex is still a risk. Going down on a woman is a low risk activity for herpes and HPV, unless she's having an outbreak. Then you're getting a gift that keeps on giving (yes, HPV can blossom like a pretty bouquet in your throat). One in three men and women carries HPV (genital/oral warts), and many don't know it because the virus might not show up for years. Use a condom when giving a new male partner a blow job if you want to be absolutely safe. If he objects, you know you have a loser on your hands (but at least not in your mouth). Additionally, you lower your risk for contracting an oral virus if you do not brush your teeth -- tooth brushing opens tiny cuts around your gums to make you bleed, giving viruses the ultimate ticket to the burn in your bloodstream. So that naked guy with socks and Birkenstocks with the gnarly, clotted teeth? Mustache rides are free in the desert, ladies!

Herpes Camp isn't on the map, but you should know your way around it. It's true that you can contract herpes when the virus is shedding (the period prior to an outbreak when there are no visible sores), but generally, people with herpes can tell when they're shedding, and won't engage in sex during this time. Medications like Famvir are extremely effective in preventing outbreaks, so if your partner discloses their herpes status but is on a medication such as Famvir and are in the clear for sex, your chances of contracting herpes are extremely low."

Violet Blue on Burning Man.


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