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Sunday, March 2, 2003
decides the rhythm method is the way to curb population growth.

C says...The blurb here is inaccurate because it states that the Philippines will use the rhythm method. In fact the article claims that they plan to teach Natural Family Planning (NFP). My understanding is that NFP is more effective than the rhythm method because it uses aspects of the rhythm method in conjunction with sympto-thermal methods.

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Mandela On The AIDS Epidemic
"They don't want you to talk about it. I told them we have got this epidemic which is going to wipe out our nation if we don't take precautions," he said.

He once told an audience that they must tell their children to delay having sex as much as possible and when they do, they must use condoms.

"I could see I was offending my audience. They were looking at each other horrified."

Apparently Mandela was then advised not to talk about AIDS because it might endanger his election campaign.

Mandela also said that in his term he had little time to concentrate on the Aids issue because he had to prevent a civil war, which could have led to nationwide chaos.

But in the interview the former president accepts the criticism about his handling of the AIDS pandemic. "Its no use crying over split milk," he said.

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