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Thursday, November 21, 2002
Reproductive Rights & Responsibilities
Wendy McElroy attempts to paraphrase Martha Burk: "The reproductive rights and responsibilities of women and men are in direct conflict."

They are Wendy. They are also in league.

You go on and quote Burk: "if all babies were planned ... women wouldn't seek abortions."

I think it's safe to say this is nonsense. Unplanned pregnancies are but one of many reasons why abortions take place.

Wendy, Wendy: "According to PC feminism, the woman alone has the right of choice in carrying a pregnancy to term while the man bears legal responsibility for child support. Yet, in paying child support, he has no guarantee of joint custody or even visitation rights."

I don't know what PC feminism means to you Wendy as you use it as a sort of shorthand or riposte which I'm not privy to. It seems pretty clear you are confusing two things. Single fathers turn your formula on its head and renders it sheer nonsense. The laws that govern support are not the laws that govern abortion.

Wise is getting screwed. His kids are being screwed worse. And the court is supposed to be looking out for the child's interest. Wise shouldn't be allowed out of child support. But he also shouldn't be blocked from contact with the child. This is not in the best interests of the kids. It's obscene that a court would prohibit a family from discussing such a huge issue. It seems reasonable that Wise should have had his support burden lessoned to accomodate this new development and the fathers of the other three should have been forced to pick up the slack.

Ms. McElroy, you are correct about discrimination against fathers as a class. Having some amount of experience in that realm though I can assure you tying abortion into this equation is just silly and really beneath you.

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