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Wednesday, October 23, 2002
What is a clitoral hood?
  • a female gangster in 60's underground comics
  • a latex device that enhances sexual pleasure
  • a small flap of skin that protects the clitorus
  • a neighborhood where a clitorus might live

10/23/02:1:33:14 PM PST    comment
Choosing Strippers
"Here ye, here ye, I hereby officially and formally give up trying to find a professional woman to date in this town."

10/23/02:1:22:02 PM PST    comment
Liberals Decry Religious Influence In Health Policy
"On Oct. 21, a dozen congressional Democrats fired off their own letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson complaining about administration health policies such as removing from the agency's web site information rating the effectiveness of condoms in deterring sexually transmitted diseases and a statement dismissing a possible link between abortion and breast cancer."

10/23/02:10:52:38 AM PST    comment
"The foreskin is not a separate anatomical structure from the rest of the skin of the penis. This is actually an artificial separation. When the word foreskin is used, rather than referring to a separate part of the penis, it means the part of the continuous skin system which happens to be folded over the glans at any given time. So there is no real anatomical border to the 'foreskin.' Since the proportion of the skin system that is folded over the glans increases and decreases by folding and unfolding to various degrees all the time, we realize that 'foreskin' is a poor way of describing the anatomy of the penis. Instead, more accurate terminology might be to describe that part of the skin system which covers the glans as the 'forefold of the skin system.' "

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AIDS is now among the most devastating diseases in human history.
"AIDS has already killed more than 20 million people worldwide. More than 40 million other people are today living with HIV infection, almost half of whom are women and a full third are young people aged 15-24. AIDS is the leading cause of death in sub-Saharan Africa, the fourth leading killer worldwide, and HIV, the cause of AIDS, continues to spread in every corner of the globe. No country is immune."

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