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Tuesday, October 22, 2002
Apparently there is, at large in America, a National Socialist Democrat Party (NSDP). I've never heard of it. Phil Brennan reports that they lavishly fund the "FEA and the NEA, the very people who have wrecked and continue to wreck America's schools while they dance around flinging condoms at fifth-graders."

How do you fling condoms at fifth graders anyway?

I know that the supply of flingable condoms is very limited. Mr. Brennan's use of the word "fling" connotes some sort of radical profligate state of readily available aerial condoms.

10/22/02:10:17:07 PM PST    comment

Cable has more opportunities to portray sex in a healthy way than does its broadcast counterparts, if the Media Project’s Sexual Health in Entertainment (SHINE) awards held over the weekend are any indication.

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A picture named frenlum1.jpg The frenulum is a Y shaped web of skin that connects the foreskin to the underside of the head of the penis. The frenulum is kind of like the web of skin under the tongue. This is the most sensitive part of the penis, containing a huge number of nerve endings. [from Male Sexual Anatomy - The Foreskin]

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Contraception is a basic health need for women. Yet today many private health insurance plans in the U.S. do not cover contraceptives.

This looks like a positive idea. It has struck me as extremely peculiar for quite a while that birth control pills when I was growing up were not covered as part of normal medical insurance. I have had this conversation with numerous female colleagues, friends, and family over years. I have been told that the inclusion of Viagra in medical insurance coverage has sparked a revolt among insurance consumers because of this apparent disparity.

Nice to see Planned Parenthood addressing this issue.

10/22/02:4:33:30 PM PST    comment

Andy Warhol Draws the Penis

Several years ago I made a web site which used this image as one of its main themes. After I had finished the thing I discovered that this image was used in the work of or was drawn by Andy Warhol. I wonder if that is true?

10/22/02:4:06:32 PM PST    comment
"The thickened, drier tissue covering the glans of the circumcised penis may necessitate the use of synthetic lubricants to facilitate nontraumatic sexual intercourse. Often, it is erroneously considered the woman's lack of lubrication that makes intercourse painful rather than the lack of natural male lubrication, which is more likely the cause."

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