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DayLink Friday, August 23, 2002

I want to thank all my readers, and that reporter from C|Net, for the words of support and interest in what happened with Apple. I am pleased to report that after I sent my letter to Bill Evan's at Apple I received a phone call from a very nice man named Greg Johnson in "Executive Relations" at Apple who, after hearing my story, agreed that it was pretty silly that Apple should deny me an upgrade to the new Jaguar OS X release since the upgrade program was released only 3 days after I purchased the new iBook.

I was originally a bit miffed about the situation but had no intention of really doing anything about it except for silently not doing the upgrade until I happened to talk to the Apple representative who blatently treated me with such disrespect.

But I did do something and it turns out that either Apple recognizes that dismissing the concerns of such a good customer is in bad taste or the large amount of flow I enjoy through this site turned a few heads and, at least in this case, caused some executives at Apple to rethink they way that I was treated for trying to be a good customer.

I hope that it is the former. But in case it is the latter I'm going to start giving some more thought to how I might effect more change in my life through using the high visibility I enjoy with The Safer Sex Page.

Stay tuned.

(It may have been the latter since Mr. Johnson made it a point to ask if I was intending to edit my post to show my readers that Apple had responded.)

5:19:19 PM    

Loretta Lynn & Brian Florence may have had sex in St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City. They were discovered as the radio station, WNEW, broadcasting the couple's escapades had a reporter on the scene. Obviously a lot of attention was paid to this event by the station's viewers. With the disc jockeys losing their jobs over it and the couple arrested it certainly could be considered a scandal. But that's one of the points of public sex: to run the risk of being caught.

Pat Califia wrote a book a few years ago which touched on the subject called, in fact, Public Sex: The Culture of Radical Sex.

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Gottfried Straube
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