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Saturday, June 22, 2002
Durex Introduces Climax Control Condom
Coming this summer Durex will introduce a new type of condom to their line. Last year Trojan introduced its own climax control condom which went on to be one of the most successful condoms launched in 2001. It's kind of surprising, I think, that Durex didn't release such a condom before Trojan. After all Maintain is a fixture in climax control circles. Apparently Durex has learned their lesson and will attempt to rectify the situation by coming out with a competing benzocaine enhanced lubricant. But to up the ante Durex has integrated a new type of delivery system for the benzocaine. Instead of dispersing it throughout the lubricant like in the Trojan Extended Pleasure the Durex Performax carries the benzocaine in some sort of heat activated capsule in the tip of the condom.

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